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    • Beginner Class$115 for an eight-week session
      For dogs and puppies that have little to no formal instruction

    • Intermediate Class$115 for an eight-week session or $25 per class.
      For dogs and puppies that have finished a complete eight-week Beginner session. This class will have strong focus on TDI and CGC.

    • Advanced Class$115 for an eight-week session or $25 per class.

    • Introduction to Rally-O$115 for an eight-week session or $25 per class
      This is a fun way to continue to train your dog to become a better companion and listener

    Other Services

    Private LessonsPet Watching

    • Private Lessons$50 per hour and $15 travelling fee per trip
      Canine behavior problems

    • Pet WatchingEstimate will be given at time of service (we love all animals)

    Each class is held on an eight-week session. Beginner classes are $115 for each eight-week session. Other classes are $115 for an eight-week session or $25/class.

    If classes should have to be cancelled by the instructors, classes will be rescheduled. If a Client fails to come to class/classes no refund will be given.

    Payment Method

    Pay at first classPay per classMailed Payment

    I have remitted $ for services/service fees.

    Payment in full is expected at the first class unless the per class item is selected.
    Payment can be made by cash or check. Please make checks payable to Companion Dog Obedience.

    Class size is limited so to assure a space for you and your canine friend, send your payment to:

    Glenna Godown
    3909 Orchard Street
    Walworth, NY 14568
    to reserve a space in the class

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