You may notice a new look to the website today.

There was a hosting issue this month that took a bit of work to sort out.  In the process, our web designer changed the theme (layout) of the website.  It is now easier to view on mobile phones and tablets.

You may also notice that “Secure” appears in the top address bar.  We have a bright and shiny new https URL instead of the http.

Google has decided to force sites to go to the https secure sites, so we bit the bullet and upgraded.  It should give you the warm fuzzies to see this.

We also moved the email list for those of you that subscribe so you may see a slightly different format to the notification emails.

In the process of upgrading, we have published new schedules through May.  Have a look at the Schedule page when you get a chance.

I hope you enjoy the new layout.  Let me know what you think.

Feel free to visit the News page and sign up to the email list.  This is another way that we can reach out to you when weather problems or other bits of news are posted on the website.