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Why Toys?
In the past, most dogs were working dogs. Now that we enjoy them mostly for companionship they become frustrated, stressed and bored.
Socialization and Training Classes are one of the best ways to help reduce their level of frustration, stress and boredom. Toys can also help to give your dog relief from boredom and relieve stress and frustration.  Get some for inside the house and more for the outside play areas.
Did you know that your dog becomes bored with their toys very quickly? To give them a large variety of toys will help to enrich their life and increases their level of play helps keep their emotional state balanced.
I always advise people to keep an in-box and out-box. That is you split the toys in half to have some that the dogs will have and toys that they have not seen  for a while. A box that they are playing with currently and one that holds clean or new toys to keep them for later use. Cleaning the toys before they go to the out-box helps the dog think of them as a new toy. (no scent) The in-box is left for the dog to be able to access throughout the day and picked up at night to allow them to search the box the next day for their toy of choice. The out-box is set aside for a later date. I do this for the outside toys too. Hiding the toys is a fun game to give your dog a search enrichment activity.
I also recommend interactive toys that require a person to keep the dog interested in the toy.
Click Here for some Toys and Click Here for Training Tools to help you and your canine friend have a better relationship.